About Us

It’s hard to believe that something as simple as a snowstorm can have such a dramatic impact on everyone’s lives, attitudes and overall state of mind. As Children , we loved snow for the sledding, snowball fights and school closures. As adults, with more responsibility, we’ve become jaded due to the hardships that snow can bring.

Southern Snowman is a company started by Rick Nordman, Jimmy Earp, and Mark McClure. Our goal is to bring the joy and beauty of snow back to everyone in North Carolina and throughout the south.

Jimmy, Mark, and I have embraced the love for snow all our lives. However, living in North Carolina for at least 25 years each, we’ve been disappointed in the reduction of snow days that we experienced as kids growing up and felt there had to be something we could do about it. After the snowstorms of 2001 and 2002 it made us think… if there were only a way to get one of those snow guns from the ski resorts and hook it up to the fire hydrant we could make snow ourselves in the backyard. It sounded like a good plan, but clearly not the right solution (not to mention illegal).

A few winters went by with no significant natural snow, but plenty of cold weather. Needless to say, the wheels started turning when we noticed a cold front moving in right before our annual Holiday party. We contacted a manufacturer of well-made residential snowmaking equipment and Presto!,we had snow! Within one week, we went from placing the order to making plenty of snow.

It was incredible, no one had snow that weekend in Cary, NC except us! The party was a hit, the sleds came out of the garage, snowboards out of the closet and the vision had been realized. Mt. Rountree was born.

The Slope was there, a raised platform was constructed at the top and a ramp was built at the bottom for jumping. Then, we made snow. Night after night, taking turns manning the equipment, our own private resort had been created! This was Mt. Roundtree 2006.

The ’06 season ended, the Mt Roundtree vision well etched in our brains and documented in the local media. It was time to begin work to improve the overall slope and expand the trails of the mountain. Over the course of the 2007 summer, several trees were removed and underbrush cleared. Seventeen dump truck loads of soil were brought in and sculpting of the terrain completed. Ground cover was spread and lights went up to round out this years development of what is the only private snow resort located in Cary, NC.

Since it rarely snows in this part of the country and we have perfected the art of snow making in the South, Mt. Roundtree will usually be covered with only machine-made snow. As professional snow-makers / resort owners, we felt it was our duty to share this unique experience with everyone in North Carolina and throughout the South.

Southern Snowman continues to find ways to create an extraordinary snow experience providing memories that will last a lifetime! We have the knowledge, the passion and the resources to share that joyful snow covered landscape that we have created for ourselves!

Our mission is simple;

Bringing Snow to the South, One House at a Time